10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Opt For Digital Marketing in COVID-19 Pandemic Times

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COVID-19 that first originated in Wuhan, China, in December, 2019, has resulted in unprecedented times for the whole world. Knowing no boundaries, it has impacted every corner of the world, sparing no economy or business. Businesses across sectors are reeling under the strains of the virus, overwhelming a great many of them.


As the unrelenting pandemic rolls on, the present and the future as well isn’t what it needs to be or will be, either. However, through these unprecedented times, many businesses have rewritten their marketing strategies to remain relevant, and keep work going.


By embracing digital marketing, these businesses have integrated all of their marketing strategies to strengthen their business online and survive through the pandemic and beyond. For others, changing directions and shifting to new platforms can be daunting, but at the end of the day, they will greatly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency their marketing activities.


Businesses that are flexible to adapt to the new reality will have a huge advantage in the market, attract more business with new customers, and above all, create and strengthen customer-loyalty for their brand.



With more people at home on their laptops or tablets or mobile devices, COVID-19 remains the best time for businesses to engage them, widen their exposure reaching out to more people and markets, and eventually grow their business.

Adopting digital marketing as a part of their business working philosophy, their business can reap the following benefits:



No matter if you’re still a brick-and-mortar business with zero online presence or if you’re already positioned online, Digital Marketing can help your business fight through the tough COVID-19 phase.

Digital marketing can be implemented and executed immediately, thereby assuring fast setup and results that can even turn a downfall into an opportunity.

Adopting digital marketing strategies is affordable, and does not require huge investment and risk. This way, your business can not only scale to the new normal but also prepare it for the world that comes after COVID-19 wherein the rise of the contact-free economy is expected to be the new factor.



Digital marketing allows you to automate a bulk of your operations. This will help cut costs, something precious in these uncertain times.

An IBM survey revealed that up-to 80% of routine customer service questions could be answered by a chatbot. Chatbots can automatically answer customer queries, take orders, and cut down sales and customer-service costs. In addition, they also help to automate customer-service conversations. Further, they can also be trained to respond to customer-service questions and offer fast solutions, 24/7. Chatbots can be implemented on your website and even on Facebook and other social media outlets (common questions can be auto-responded directly from the Facebook page with a Facebook Messenger Chatbot).

Facebook also offers Message Ads that will allow your business to open conversations with customers. The Messages Objective can be used in league with ‘Click to Messenger Ads’ to generate leads, answer questions, drive transactions, and offer support.

Where you have a business that offers appointments, consultations, or sessions, then online booking solutions can be used to automate scheduling those appointments. Further, the booking system can be easily integrated with the website to allow customers to reserve their own appointments.



Digital marketing will help align your business model, reach potential customers, raise awareness, and build a database (email list) of potential leads for the future. Further, you can also offer online quotes, strategy calls, e-books, etc, as lead magnets to capture contact details on the website.

By maintaining a solid database, you can be available online to potential customers when they search for what your business offers and effectively capture their interest and inclinations, that can be built upon and followed-up once normal business resumes.



If you’re in a business that deals in high-ticket items, or complex / personalized products or services, then digital marketing can set-up virtual showrooms or provide consultations vide video to help your potential customers pick the right product of the right size, color, shape, and so on.

For instance, stores dealing in jewellery items can use online video consultations to help customers select the jewellery of their choice and size. Likewise, four wheeler or two wheeler dealerships can offer virtual showrooms as well as online car purchasing facility to lure customers.



Digital marketing can harness the power of data and help guide your business decisions. Herein, data analytics can not only help you sift through unprecedented amounts of data but also uncover new opportunities, find products and services that are in demand, modify your online or even offline campaigns and budgets, and above all, stay ahead of the competition.

Digital analytical tools will also help your business to acquire a better understanding of your target-audience you plan on reaching. The data collected will give insight into the preferences, buying habits, and patterns of your target demographic.  Later you can compose campaigns, and content that addresses those consumer needs and grabs their interest.

Google Analytics is one such digital tool that can be used to analyze data traffic, keywords, traffic sources, landing pages, etc. Likewise, there is Google Trends that offers fresh and timely data; this can be used for uncovering trending products or services through analysis of what people are searching for on GOOGLE.



With digital marketing, you can convert in-person services to home-delivered products. This greatly helps even those businesses that cannot offer their core services but can now transform a part of their service into products safely delivered to people’s homes.

A good example is restaurant businesses. Among the hardest-hit sectors by COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants can leverage digital marketing in creative ways to combat the situation; like offering food-preparation kits to earn that much-needed revenue or nurture customer-relationships or even new parts of the market.

Another example is that of chefs who can use live-video or provide recorded video cooking classes and teach participants on how to prepare delicious meals at home.



Digital marketing through PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads on Facebook and Google will help your business quickly reach potential customers, promote your business offerings and also make a point that your business is alive and kicking well.

PPC ads have proven their utility value time and again that not only attracts traffic to website and other digital channels, but also drives direct leads and sales. By ensuring consistent online ads, your business can succeed in continuing to grab their attention, raise awareness and generate interest in your business offerings, all of it directly which ultimately results in more sales.



By nature, businesses of all sizes are always on the lookout for new customers and ensure consistent sales. Instead of relying on repeat customers, your business can leverage the power of digital marketing to garner new leads and eventually convert them into customers. This will further encourage your business to step-up business work process and improve products and service delivery.

Depending on the medium of digital marketing, your business can also track and measure your performance levels. This way, you can indentify your best performing marketing campaign process and weed out the ineffective ones. The exposure that your business gets will keep its brand alive in the thoughts and minds of potential prospects.

The focus all along should be only on attracting and converting new customers and also retaining them.



Finance conservation is critical in COVID-19 like situations. Hence, the end goal of your marketing efforts should be to garner high returns on your investment especially when other businesses are making budget cuts.

Digital marketing will allow your business to cut costs, yet still generate the much-needed exposure for your brand while keeping your marketing budget at a reasonable level. The usage of various low-cost digital marketing avenues like paid-search, social media, organic search, and email will ensure the potential to rev-up your revenue generation which equals profits.



Digital marketing can go a long way in helping your business stay prepared for the bounce-back surge post COVID-19 era.

Post COVID-19 period will see normalcy return and consumers’ spending habits stabilize. To stay prepared, SEO can be leveraged as a long-term strategy. Adopting the appropriate SEO strategy and SEO campaign will help sustain or even accelerate organic traffic to your website. This will later on have a positive impact on your revenue potential.

Given the fact that there will be an increase in social media presence during COVID-19, social media is another digital marketing tool that needs to be leveraged to the maximum. Interesting and informative content can work to attract new potential customers; facilitate interaction and foster conversations; and generate the much-needed substantial exposure for your brand. Paid Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads or any other paid social media campaign can be leveraged to target users keen on your products and services, and also make your brand relatable which in turn will attract new users.



Businesses must remain nimble, proactive and think on their feet to swiftly adjust to the situation on the ground to keep their business going. They need to anticipate the low times, prepare and press the right buttons the right way. Further, they also need to look for new ways through digital marketing to serve their customers; experiment and stay inventive; and stay flexible to keep their business going and stay healthy.

COVID-19 is an ideal opportunity for marketers to acquire new customers at a lower cost than previously. To grab new eyeballs while sustaining older ones, marketers need to study their target-audience better; how their lifestyle has changed; and accordingly, how to target them.

There are a wide range of digital marketing tools that businesses can employ during the crisis. Some prominent ones include:


  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Can be used to engage followers through interesting and light-hearted content that will keep their spirits up;
  • E MAIL MARKETING: Allows customers and prospects know what your business is doing to address their needs during the COVID-19 period;
  • BLOGS: Can educate your customers and prospects as well about the impact that your offerings can have on and offer them;
  • VIDEOS: Can highlight your brand offerings with a visual touch in a better way; &
  • VIRTUAL WEBINARS: Can reach out to prospects, keep them engaged, and give them the right facts about your offerings and how it will benefit them.


Effective marketing requires a deft touch with the right tone. This means that your business needs to adopt a different tune of marketing your offerings to the customers. This is where digital marketing assistance of a professional firm would go a long way to ensure a sustained strong digital presence for your business and brand.



Digital marketing by itself is not a panacea for businesses struggling during the COVID-19 crisis. But it is a tool that will help businesses stay connected with their customers and prospects while minimizing their business fallout from the impact of COVID-19.


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Today, Channel Softech has an enviable reputation for excellence within the technology and art industry. Its team of designers, developers, programmers, testers, and digital marketing professionals, all combine to pool their skills to create a strong brand value for your business, optimize your business’s effectiveness and eventually ensure your business success.


Whether you are a start-up or a well-established business, you can always rely on Channel Softech to provide quality solutions that aligns all of your needs with your marketing strategy to eventually realize your business objectives.

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