5 Tips to Improve Your Website's Conversion Rate

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Having an appealing website is crucial but it is also important to keep your attention towards what your website is for, in order to convert traffic into leads, phone calls, visits to website, contact form submissions and sales. Only with these actions can your business or brand generate considerable amount of revenue. The more traffic you drive, the easier it is to increase revenue.

We know that 70% of consumers before making an online purchase research the product or service. Hence having a good online presence for your brand or business is the prime choice to increase the productive leads you receive which can be done with a functional and informative website.

If you are looking for a way to improve your website’s conversion rate, here are six takeaways that could help you.


  1. Automate & Save Time - Use Chatbot Technology
  2. Optimal User Experience with Responsive Design
  3. Contact Forms and Calls to Action
  4. Make your brand trustworthy with Social Proof
  5. Keep Your Navigation Simple


Automate & Save Time - Use Chatbot Technology


Your website works 24/7 but not the employees. If a potential customer visits your website for the first time then he/she may have few questions about the product or service that you offer. If the website visit is during non-working hours then you fail to grab the lead due to lack of information for the customer. This is where a chatbot can help you by answering the questions that a customer asks using the power of Artificial Intelligence. With this technology you never miss out any potential lead and thereby improving your conversion rate.


Optimal User Experience with Responsive Design


If you are willing to provide best for your customers then having a responsive web design is a must. It delivers the best user experience across all devices. A responsive design accommodates irrespective of the screen size and it is easier to maintain single website which means making changes to one is sufficient for seeing result across all devices.


Contact Forms and Calls to Action


The most crucial component of a successful marketing strategy is to get the information from the website visitor to convert is as a potential lead. We should ensure that the visitors are able to provide the contact details easily through clear contact forms. This makes it important to audit and change your contact form when needed. Call-to-action is equally important to give your visitor an idea of what has to be done next.


Make your brand trustworthy with Social Proof


Studies show that 92% of online consumer look at product review prior to taking up decision to buy. Most of the marketers use this as a powerful tactic to improve conversion rate to ease the minds of anxious customers. Every buyer wants a proof that the brand or business is offering with authenticity. Some of the ways you could provide social proof is from esteemed experts, existing customers, influencers, certifications and much more. 


Keep Your Navigation Simple


To improve your conversion rate, it is important that your consumers find what they look for within few seconds without hunting the whole website. The longer they search they likely to exit being frustrated. This drops the leads and become an add on to your competitors. Keep the website navigation clear and simple without many options that overwhelms your visitor. The website should show a clear path for the visitor in order to take proper action to complete the lead process successfully becoming your potential customer through a form or a destination page.


Hire professionals to help you

If you find it difficult to implement these strategies then the easiest way is to find a top digital marketing company. Professionals here are experts in bringing your requirement in the right way and fixing any problem they find in your website.


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