5 Mistakes You Should Never Do in SEO

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SEO has changed in a way to perk up the organic traffic in recent years. But on the other hand, few of the wrong practices in SEO are destroying the Google ranking. Here we discuss few of those mistakes that could be avoided to improve your search results rank.

1] Keyword stuffing

You might have thought of improving the page rank in search results by repeating target keywords too many times. This SEO approach is not effective in recent years.

Keyword Stuffing is an unethical way to increase the traffic. In fact, using it too many times can review the keywords as spam either temporarily or permanently.

Pages that are filled with keywords not only spoil the user experience but also hit page rank negatively.

2] Duplicate content

Firstly, we should know that using a duplicate content from other website is objected by search engine. This is because it needs a unique content to index. It must contain useful information which could provide a solution to the users’ problem.

Copying others content will push you to the risk of collapse in page rank. Search Engine supports the original content and approves it as more related information. Google does not create any issue for duplicating the content of your own website, but it gives no importance for this copied information.

3] Hidden Text

It is also known as the invisible text which is a bad SEO practice followed to increase the ranking. Here a complete block is filled with the keywords. These Keywords are invisible to the users, but the crawler can still index these keywords.

How does Invisible text harm SEO?

Creating the invisible text was a common trick in the past for improving visitors, but this tactic is no more encouraged by search engines. It is usually done by keeping the font same as that of the background color so that the users’ do not gain visibility of these keywords. Choosing the best SEO agency can guide with the right SEO practices.

Making a text invisible in SEO is not a white hat technique as search engines like Google can detect the hidden text and could ban the website permanently.

4] Ignoring Google Webmasters

The role of webmasters tool is very crucial in making SEO easier at analyzing the statistics of the website. Along with this, Google Analytics can be used to make it even better.

It provides access to different sections of analysis such as Search queries, Crawl errors, Links to your site and many more. Not using the webmaster tools could make it difficult for you to improve SEO and Google Ranking.

5] Low Quality Content

A website with rich content is most important for improving the traffic. Google prefers the content that can completely convey the solution to its users. Having irrelevant and unsatisfied content can become a strong reason for Google to lower the page rank.

Google would like to see a website with comprehensive content having a detailed explanation for the users’ search.

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