5 Reasons for High Bounce Rate and Its Impact on the Websites

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Bounce Rate! A common issue and an important factor in the web design which tells you whether you are providing your customers the solutions for their requirement.

There are quite many reasons for the websites high bounce rate. Here are few common reasons that hike up bounce rate and impact the websites negatively.

Reaching wrong audience

Audience plays a vital role in increasing the conversion rate of your business. Not all visitors to your site become your target customers, reaching the right customers and attracting them can reduce the bounce rate.

Visitors who find your services helpful are likely to stay for further information about the products. It is crucial to have a strategy before picking up the audience. On the other hand, knowing the target audience is equally important as it can make a drastic change to your bounce rates.

Poor content

The main reason for having a high bounce rate is the website’s poor or low quality content. Reducing bounce rate take more than just publishing pages of content, which is being honest. Having a unique content on your website builds trust among your audiences.

In order to pull the right audience, it is important to provide information that conveys them clearly about the product or service. Publishing a content that brings no use to your audience will gradually lead to failure of your business.

High page load time

The websites with high page load time are found to have equally high bounce rates. The visitors to your website do not intend to stay longer if they don’t find information they need.

Site speed is an important factor which plays a major role in the variation of the bounce rates. Including more images in your site increases the page load time.

Using a misleading title tag or Meta description

Optimizing the content is important to have a right path which takes you to the desired landing pages according to your request.

Having a misleading title tag or a Meta description can make you lose your profitable customers. If the tags are not appropriate, the customers will land up in a wrong place thereby by bouncing from your site.

Poor design or UX

User experience is greatly related with the term bounce rate. A website with poor design or UX can gradually increase the bouncing visitors.

Having too many unrelated images and pop-ups result in a poor design that can force the customers to leave the page. Creating a good user experience can bring back the visitors as well as reduce the negative impact on the website.


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