5 Ways to Use Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

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If you are using social media channels like Twitter or Instagram for marketing, you must be familiar to Hashtags. But do you know how to use them strategically? 

These days Hashtags are everywhere. You see them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest. As an entrepreneur, you can’t ignore them. You should know how to strategically use these hashtags. Right usage of hashtags is a great way of labeling and finding current social media updates. It makes your content discoverable and also allows to find relevant content from other businesses and people. Hashtags allows you to connect with and engage other social media users depending on a common interest or a theme. In fact, hashtags help you in increasing engagement on Instagram and Twitter.

Hashtags (#) can increase brand awareness, get your content seen by the maximum people and increases social shares. By using # in your social media content, you can expand your brand reach and engage your audience. Knowing how to use hashtag plays a vital role in achieving success on social media. Here are, few ways to use Hashtags in social media marketing:


1. Use relevant and simple hashtags: 
When you choose a hashtag, it is significant to ensure that you choose something that customers are searching for and can remember easily in future. An unclear, never-used hashtag or a too generic hashtag will not help you get the desired results. Always use a hashtag that is simple, precise and short. The hashtags help to categorize your content and allow people follow a trend and helps you to engage with a community. You should always use a hashtag that is relevant to your content and your brand.


2. Using trending hashtags: 
It is a hashtag topic that is very popular. You might have heard people talking about what’s “Trending now”. Sometimes, they refer to the hashtags that are right now popular or are the one most talked about. Trending hashtags keep on changing as per the latest trend. When you find a trend related to your business, engage in it by using the tag. The biggest benefit of using trending hashtags in your content is your message will be seen by a large audience other than your followers and fans.


3. Using Hashtags on various social media channels: 
It is true that Hashtags started on Twitter, but now all Social Media platforms support hashtags. When you use hashtags several times on different social media channels, it becomes easier for your audience to remember your hashtag.

Twitter: Due to the character count restriction, it is advisable not to use more than 2 hashtags per tweet.
Facebook: It is better to use 2 hashtags on Facebook. Try a popular hashtag and the second one a customized hashtag for your brand or company.
Google Plus: Hashtags can be used in Google+ to find and join a conversation about a specific topic. To find related content one needs to click on a hashtag.
Instagram: This social media channel allows 30 hashtags; however, it is better to use not more than 11 per post for a high level of engagement.
Pinterest: Use 2 -5 hashtags. It is a category of search so utilize your unique hashtag to help the pinners find relevant content.


4. Always be specific: 
As an entrepreneur, you definitely want to reach your targeted audience. Using hashtags, especially during Twitter chats and special events help you do so. However, if you want others to join the conversation, you should engage with each other. You have to use a hashtag that is unique and specific to your business. You should not use generic hashtags like #Marketing, #SEM. For better social media engagement with your audiences, use unique hashtags.


5. Customize the trending hashtags: 
It is not always possible to find hashtags that match your business or brand requirements. In such instances, you can always modify your content so that the hashtags can be inserted within your promotional content easily. Customizing the hashtags and using them for promoting your business will attract a large number of visitors to your site.


Are you using relevant hashtags on all social media platforms? Have confusion about which are the right hashtags for your business? Sign up with us for a trial. Our social media experts will understand your target audience, design a proven social media marketing strategy and find the right hashtag for you.

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