Top 10 ways to boost your Digital Presence Working from Home

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It is time that we are all working from home and might be wondering how to increase the business and give it a great digital presence. There are several ways you could pick up skills and drive traffic to your website and generate more leads. This is the time you have to step into platforms that you never had time to try.


Here we recommend you the top digital marketing tasks you can try right now from home:

There are few you could refresh your digital profile and consider tasks to improve company website, social media and customer experience.


1. Build right citations

For ensuring correct business, it is important to check Name, address and phone number in various listing on different sites. This NAP is the most important aspect to Google when you are ranked for "near me” searches.  These citations could include your Google Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yellow pages and more.

2. Perform SEO website audit

Running SEO audit on regular basis is required to maintain performance of website.  SEO audit helps to find the wrong practices that are detrimental to search ranking. This can provide user information to organic presence in search results. Running an SEO audit catches every important task from broken urls to Meta descriptions that are missing and many more that Google considers. Keep your site healthy, tract the fixes and work on it!

3. Got unique Meta descriptions?

Creating the Meta description improves the click-through rate for a given webpage among thousands of search engine result pages (SERPs). This Meta description is displayed in the SERPs underneath the title of the page that gives the hook to make it click worthy. Get to know completely about how you could create Meta descriptions that are unique, enticing copy for every page and post.

4. Test your website speed

Your site could drop if you don’t speed up the page loading time. Site speed becomes more important on every update of Google Algorithm and is a sign of quality user experience. You can expect higher rank in SERPs and attract more visitors with fast loading websites. Testing the website performance shoes the website behavior and how it responds to various situations.

5. Social media profiles

Social media play a larger part in gaining digital presence and it is the perfect platform for finding huge customers. Maintaining social media is important and cleaning up and moving to a fresh style can boost the performance and does not hurt SEO. You can start implementing new banners and graphics. Start rewriting the outdated business posts with better content that reflects company and archive those old posts on Instagram. 

6. Get started with social listening

Social listening is a crucial part of audience research as it provides the brand an opportunity to track and analyze to conversations and respond to them. With social listening you can understand what kind of content your followers expect. You can start with trending topics and improve customer experience by interacting with customers.

7. Website redesign

After your SEO and content audit it may seem like the website can harm your digital presence. This is because the website is now ready for a redesign and you should plan for it. Considering website redesign can attract more traffic and fetch you more leads. A well planned site can make greater impact in online presence. We’ve got you covered with best Web Design Services , for more details visit

8. Boost local SEO

Are you wondering if the Local SEO needs a serious boost? Yes, this can get your business rank on the first page of the Google or other search engine. Get reviews regularly from satisfied and happy customers. You can personalize reviews with link to bring more traffic. Hone in on the local keywords and give importance to optimize local SEO properly.

9. Facebook Ads

Are you running a business with small budget? If yes then we must try Facebook ads. This is definitely a great way to expand your reach to huge audience globally and also grow prospective customers with fewer budgets. You can start your SMM at Channelsoftech today and we will help you create and manage ads easily.

10.  Run a small Google Ads campaign

Even a small business that just in industry can get at the top of SERP with effective Google Ad campaigns. Have you ever tried Google ads? Start it today for high targeted traffic.  If you are finding it difficult contact us.


The above are few ideas that could be useful for you to improve business while working from home. Hope this article can get your online business to top. Stay tuned and updated about the new digital marketing trends important during the COVID-19 crisis. We shall get together for making your business better. For more details call to: +91 98456 62183 Visit:


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