Best SEO Tactics That You Should Not Miss

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Over the last few years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has undergone various drastic changes. The techniques that used to be considered fruitful have now become ineffective and obsolete. Those old popular tactics might even damage your website’s visibility now. Since Google always wants to serve its searchers with relevant and meaningful results, it always keeps changing its algorithms, and accordingly, all the professional SEO solution providers including the best SEO Company in Bangalore need to mold their strategy.


As SEO is changing every day, achieving higher ranks in the current landscape needs an organized, multifaceted, and integrated SEO strategy. This blog discusses 6 SEO tactics that you’ll never want to miss:


1. Understand your buyer personas

As an SEO strategist, you need to develop a thorough understanding of your buyer personas – the people whom you want to see on your website. Knowing your customers or potential buyers is the first and foremost step to creating an effective and efficient SEO strategy. When you have a solid idea of your target audience, you can tailor your campaign to different free and paid destinations for effective promotions. When prospects come to your website, make sure you have a way to nurture them through a specific conversion path. Always remember that creating relevant content to move your potential visitors through your sales funnel is a prerequisite to creating value via a specific SEO campaign.


2. Conduct an in-depth keyword research

Once you develop a crystal clear familiarity with your buyer personas, just put yourself in their shoes. The best possible way to begin this process lies in searching Google keeping in view the core topics related to your business. While carrying out the research, be attentive to the words that are automatically popping up to complete your search regimen. The entire game is all about finding the right kind of keywords. Keywords are a set of words that people type in the search bar of Google to satiate their query.

During the search, pay attention to the following things:

  • Be mindful of which articles are coming on the results pages
  • Which keywords are the most relevant ones
  • Comprehensively analyze the competitors’ websites and audit their content thoroughly
  • See what type of content they have and compare it with yours
  • Conduct generalized research, and see what people are talking about regarding that particular business or topic.

If you are creating an SEO campaign like the best SEO Company, then you must bridge the gap between what your visitors are searching for and what you are offering in form of content. For more in-depth keyword research, the tools like SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, and Moz can help you a lot in finding and exploring specifics such as competition and search volume.


3. Replace older content with fresh and relevantly written information

To begin with, you can start your SEO campaign with only what you have. As things progress, you will develop an idea of whether the existing content is working or not to serve your purpose. Take a closer look at the performance of the already published content and determine whether it is attracting a good amount of traffic or not. Making use of Google Search Console is the fastest way to carry it out efficiently.

In case you find that your existing content is not working well, then replace older content with fresh one. When you add relevantly written fresh content, you are inviting Google afresh to take notice of your website. Always remember that Google always loves and admires content that is unique, original, and written in a grammatically flawless manner.


4. Delete Zombie Pages

As an SEO strategist, you will always find websites that have a large number of zombie pages. Zombie pages are pages that play a very negative role as far as the volume of traffic onto a particular website is concerned. Here we can cite the example of a leading online shopping website – they deleted around 11 thousand zombie pages and saw a boost of 31% in traffic. The same happened with when it saw an increase of around 84% when 40K zombie pages were deleted from it.


5. Fix all technical errors

An effective and efficient SEO strategy always calls for fixing technical errors regardless of how well your website is performing from the content point of view. For example, if your web pages are showing an error 404, it simply conveys a strong message to the crawlers that your website is not going to provide the searchers with optimal value in terms of the information that they are looking for. Therefore, you should fix these errors on a regular basis so that you can avoid a huge drop in the search engine results page (SERP) rankings. Apart from these ‘404’ errors, you need to be equally attentive to the age of the domain, mobile-friendliness of the website, compatibility across browsers, etc.


6. Make all-out efforts to get your content ranked

Any piece of content that you compose for your website has only one single purpose – taking the rank to higher positions. And, the ranking of the website depends upon how much the content reaches out to the visitors in cyberspace. You need to make all-out efforts to get your content ranked across channels and mediums. Some of the proven ways to get your content ranked include the following:

  • Regular email promotions
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Link building.

While making efforts to get your content ranked. You need to make sure that you are never taking a self-serving route in your SEO approach. You have to provide value over your intention of driving traffic. In any professional SEO campaign, quality always scores higher over quantity, even when it comes to getting your content ranked.


Concluding Remarks 

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