Google Ads Guide (Updated 2022)

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Google Ads help to bring new customers or leads and it seems to be simple but can be tough to navigate. If you are not up to date and if you are not taking advantage of new features and strategies then your success can turn into a nightmare. Google Ads is one of the most challenging platform to see success.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform where you can create online ads to reach more people.

Does Google Ads work?

Yes, Google Ads work. With the good knowledge on Google Ads and with the right strategy you can create a high Return on Investment (ROI) marketing campaign. With the help of Google Ads you can reach more targeted customers in a very less time. 

Why advertise on Google?

Google search engine is one of the most popular and used search engine. Google Ads allow you to focus on your targeted customers.

One more reason is your competitors are using Google Ads to promote their business. Even if you are ranking organically for searched keywords, your results are pushed down.

If you use PPC to advertise your product or services, Google Ads will also become a part of your paid strategy.

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads display your ad to customers who are interested in your products or services. Advertisers bid on keywords and the winners are placed at the top.

Google Ads terms:

1.      AdRank: Adrank find out your ad placement. Your adrank is determined by maximum bid multiplied by your quality score. The higher the score, the better you will rank.

2.      Bidding: Google Ads is based on a bidding system. The higher amount you bid, the better your placement.

3.      Campaign type: You need to select campaign type before you begin a paid campaign. Some of the campaign types are Search ads, Display ads, Video ads etc.

4.      CTR: It is the ratio of users who click on your ad to the total number of users who view your ad. Higher CTR score increases your ad quality and reduces your cost.

5.      Conversion rate (CVR): A conversion rate is the percentage of users who have completed their desired action. It is calculated by dividing the total number of users who will convert by the overall size of the audience and then converting it into percentage.

6.      Display network: Google ads can be displayed on either search engine result page or web page within Google’s Display network.

7.      Ad extensions: This allows you to add additional information along with ad with no additional cost. Some of the ad extensions are Sitelink, Call, Location, Offer etc.

8.      Keywords: It is a word or group of words which is used by an internet user to search in a search engine.

9.      Pay per click (PPC): This is a type of advertisement where advertises pays per click on an ad. It is not specific to Google Ad but it is one of the most used type of paid campaign.

10.  Quality score: Your Quality Score depends on the quality of your ad and the quality of your ad depends on CTR, the relevance of keywords and quality of landing page.

Quality Score:

Quality Score is a critical component of running a successful Google Ads campaign. It is made up of 3 main factors:

1.  Your ad campaign’s landing page:

It Includes:

Does your landing page load quickly?

What is the conversion rate?

What is the bounce rate?


2. Click Through Rate (CTR):

It includes:

How do your ad campaigns perform?

Is your CTR average or below average?


3. Ad Relevance:

It includes:

How exactly is your ad matching in relation to the search?

Higher quality and relevance scores result in higher CTRs and reduce cost per click. Improve your quality score to rank higher with your ads without having to pay more price. You can improve your quality score by focusing on the above three factors.

Types of advertising on Google Ads:

  1. Search Ad Campaign: Here you can create text ads to reach your customers who are interested in your product and service.
  2. Performance Max Ad Campaign: Reach your targeted audience across all of Google with a single campaign.
  3. Display Ad campaign: Run different kinds of ad across the web.
  4. Shopping Ad Campaign: Shopping ad displayed on Search engine result page and include information such as price and image of the product or service.
  5. Video Ad Campaign: Using this campaign you can reach and engage viewers on YouTube

Google Ads best practices:

  • Avoid broad keyword terms.
  • Don’t run irrelevant ads.
  • Improve your Quality score.
  • Optimize your ad landing page.

Have a good knowledge on Google Ads and use a good strategy to create a successful Google Ad campaign that drives clicks and helps in getting leads.  

At Channel Softech, we have a good experience in running Google Ad campaigns and generated lakhs of leads which helped our customers to improve their business.  

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