Simple steps to get Google to index your site

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It is impossible to achieve your digital marketing goals if your pages are not indexed. Websites that aren’t indexed are not in Google’s database. Thus the search engine cannot show these websites in its search engine result pages.


Some steps you can take to help Google index your sites quickly are as follows:

1. Generate a sitemap

Sitemap is a document in XML format that tells crawlers where they can go. Without a sitemap, crawling can take a long time to index. With sitemap indexing time will get reduced.


2. Submit your sitemap to Google search console

After generating a sitemap, you should submit it to Google Search Console. This will help Google to know about all of the pages you wanted to index.


3. Create a robots.txt

Robots.txt is a text file on your website that instructs search engines on what to index and what not to index. It is the list of commands to the crawler which lets it know where it can go and where it cannot go on your site.


4. Create internal links

One of the most effective ways to boost your website’s indexation is through internal linking. When one page links to another page, the spider follows that path.


5. Backlinks

Backlinks or links from other sites are the most important links. Links from another site send crawlers to your pages. If another site links to one of your new pages, that page will likely be crawled and indexed sooner.


6. Share in social media platforms

Social media platforms are an easy way to immediately let people know that your new content exists. Copy and paste a link and share your content, it will now reach the whole world or at least reach your followers. Sharing your pages on social media will send crawlers to them, which can help speed up the indexation process.


7. Write a blog

Adding up new content regularly to your site shows Google that your site offers fresh information. The best way to do this is by uploading blogs regularly. Your new sites or pages are more likely to get indexed soon if you put high quality content.


Getting indexed in Google is an important first step towards having a successful website. If your pages are not indexed, they are unlikely to get any traffic. Luckily Google Search Console gives you control over how your site is crawled and indexed and make it easy to keep an eye on your crawl status.

If you add new content to your website regularly, keep an eye on how it is being crawled and indexed. Checking it on a regular basis helps you recognize issues and fix them before they cause any problem with your search visibility.

Submitting sitemap in Google Search Console, building links and updating your website with high quality content on a regular basis are the best practices which help you get your site crawled quickly.

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