Lead Generation

Being the business owner, you are always in quest of receiving new sales inquiries; people calling you, people filling out inquiry forms on the website, or people emailing you directly.

Capturing and managing these leads decide your sales performance.

At Channelsoftech, we set up and manage an effective and robust inbound lead management system for you. We use the whole range of tools to identify the opportunities and present them back to you for action.

When you want effective lead management, you need the services of the best Lead Generation Agency.

Our lead generation service consists of a team of talented people who bring a profound experience in the field of sales and marketing.

Our Team

We have a fleet of experienced business managers, proficient designers, marketing experts, and analysts who carry an experience in different niche.

They work together to get the best leads for our clients.

The synergy brings lead generation services that are incredibly high in quality. At Channelsoftech, we guarantee that you get state-of-the-art Lead Generation Services to grow your business.

We work for you so that you can continue with what is your core responsibility, running the business. On top of that, we will send you some extra business; which is like icing on the cake.

Our Modus Operandi

We aim at giving you the best Return on Investment. Hence, we follow a well-structured Lead Generation Process:

We research on your competitors

We build an effective marketing strategy

Our content developers develop content for social media, blog posts and ads

Our marketing executives develop strategic marketing campaigns

We create dedicated landing pages to capture leads

We put ads on social media channels, relevant websites, and PPC

Our content marketing experts do strategic content marketing

We manage and monitor the efficiency of campaigns

What do we do for you?

We provide marketing-qualified opportunities, appointments and company profiles

We deliver exceptional campaigns

We drive your pipeline and keep your sales team informed

We offer a 100% quality guarantee where you pay for leads that meet your criteria

We offer an alternative to mainstream telemarketing by offering quality leads

Channelsoftech is amongst the best Lead Generation Companies for lead-hungry sales environments. We bring highly qualified leads and appointments perfect for your target audience.

We discuss with you and uncover relevant leads and qualify them for sales-readiness. We bring sales leads in real-time and set appointments for you if you wish to do so.

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