Payment Gateway Integration

By integrating a payment gateway, you can offer a decent way of accepting payments online. The integration process and setting up of merchant account are not complex when Channelsoftech handles them.

We are a leading Website Development Company in Bangalore that makes the process of charging for your services and products simple.

We allow your customers to pay online using checks or credit cards so that they have a pleasant experience. You get perfection of work because we are a seasoned player in the niche. Our web development team is certified with all popular payment gateways as well as merchant accounts.

Our prices are affordable and unique. What do you need more in the payment gateway integration?

What is Payment Gateway, and Why do you need it?

In simple words, a payment gateway is similar to a supermarket where your credit card is swiped. Here, the payment processing is done by providing card credentials to the third-party payment processing partner.

When we develop websites for you, we also integrate it with payment gateways without charging exorbitantly. Channelsoftech is a leading Web Development Company in Bangalore that has command over different development platforms.

Since we have already integrated with most of the popular gateways, integration of your website isn’t a big deal. Even if the payment gateway you want to integrate with isn’t there in our list, we can add it to the list quickly.

Why do you need Payment Gateway Integration?

Payment Gateway Solution is the best way to accept online payments when your customers visit the website and make a financial transaction.

Experts say that it is easier to attract customers by developing a fancy website, but it is difficult to give them a consistently smooth experience.

An ecommerce website is incomplete unless it integrates to a reliable payment gateway. The success of your business depends on how well it processes payments.

Since you offer products and services to global customers, it is mandatory to give them a wide range of choices for payments.


Flexible service
Real-time payment
Secured transactions over the internet
Cost-effective solution
Easy installation and maintenance
Fast transaction processing
Instant processing of information
Online receipt generation
Complete transaction history

At Channelsoftech, we know that keeping the business-as-usual is essential. So, why should you put your brains into the hassles of payment processing? Let our technical specialists handle it. We are available at every step of the way.

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