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If you compare various hosting environments, then the Linux Shared Web Hosting platform is the most popular one people are looking for on the Internet.

Hence, the experienced and proficient Shared Hosting Server Services in Bangalore are in high demand.

Whether you want to host WordPress or Joomla, Drupal or Magneto, you need robust and reliable Linux servers.

Channelsoftech has been providing world-class Linux shared web hosting services to clients across all domains. We are regarded for offering best-quality Linux hosting platform with high reliability and affordability.

We shine differently in the competitive market because we bring unmatched services.

Competitiveness and personal touch are our special traits

When you sign our services, you have certain expectations. We make sure that you get the services at most competitive prices and you get what you need.

Compare us to other Linux Shared Hosting Services, and you realize that choosing Channelsoftech is having a unique advantage, the advantage of working with the best company.

We are developer-friendly web hosting company that goes as far as possible to process the request without compromising the security and integrity of the service.

With the top-notch services and excellent customer handling, we are the best Shared Hosting Server provider in Bangalore.

Our Features

Best infrastructure

Our web hosting architecture is built on high-end servers and top-quality switches. We make hosting infrastructure customized so that your priorities can be met.

It is guaranteed that you get great stability, redundancy, and scale of operation.

Easy-to-operate control panel

The shared hosting plans are equipped with a control panel that is easy to operate and manage. We bring the perfect management solution.


You get powerful emailing solution with unlimited email account support, IMAP, and POP3.

One-click installation

With a multiple web development platform support, our shared hosting plans are coupled with single-click installation of scripts and applications.

Now it is easy to install and use WordPress, Joomla, Magneto or Drupal without any hassles.

Best security features

We always try to build perfect, secure web services so that you get value for money. All our communication and data are encrypted.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about data security.

Shell access

It is possible to execute commands or manage files by using an encrypted channel. We provide shell access to the clients.

All your needs of shared web hosting get fulfilled at Channelsoftech. We make it easy for you.

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