SMS Marketing

When over 2 Billion people use mobile phones and more than 90 percent open the text message and read as soon as they receive, it is no wonder a marketing medium that attracts marketing managers the most.

Can you afford to ignore such a powerful and high-reward opportunity of reaching to your customers? Of course, not!

Channelsoftech is a leading SMS Marketing Company in Bangalore that can broadcast your message to targeted customers at almost negligible cost.

What makes our services unique?

We have a robust system with global reach

At Channelsoftech, our intuitive, reliable, and robust SMS marketing helps your business in multiple ways.

We generate new revenue streams through paid subscription services provided by SMS.

We take your sales graph at new levels by making your customers aware of the products and services offered by you.

We incorporate coupon codes with an SMS campaign to make it a grand success.

We create a sense of intimacy and urgency while conveying the offers and updates.

Our SMS Marketing system ensures that your customers are informed with timely notifications as well as reminders.

The secret of the success is a flexible system that creates a sense of urgency in the mind of customers by sending relevant SMS that is highly personalized.

Channelsoftech shows you how to get incredible success by using an SMS marketing campaign. We are one and only SMS Marketing Agency in Bangalore who can generate more leads and sales, and of course, conversion.

Get in touch with us now and get benefits of the power of SMS marketing. If you are serious about generating leads and increasing sales, then call us now and achieve great business heights.

We add messages to the automatic workflow and send follow-up messages to the customers. Your sales force can be notified if a lead is generated for your business.

Our robust system defines the accurate day and time of sending messages so that optimal delivery can be planned.

Reliable and cost-effective services

Our pricing and system efficiency make SMS marketing easy and affordable. We integrate forms into your website and applications.

Channelsoftech is amongst the leading SMS Marketing Services in Bangalore where you get a team of qualified technicians and system experts; you need not worry about anything. Sending messages is no longer a troublesome task. We make it incredibly easy and user-friendly.

You can concentrate on what is your core responsibility; your business.

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