SSL Certificate Installation

Getting an SSL certification is not a daunting task when you assign the task to Channelsoftech. We will ensure that you get the right CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

We allow you to acquire the technology without mastering technical knowledge because it is not your core strength. You concentrate on your business; we will manage the SSL Certificate Installation.

How does our certification process work?

Visit our ordering system and choose the product you are interested in. We will present the appropriate installation option.

As soon as the order is finished and payment is made, our team will review the information provided by you. Based on the information, we pick the most suitable method of installing the SSL Certificate.

We work on the turnaround time of 24 hours to contact our clients through email. Your hosting credentials are gathered and sent to you along with other information.

Installation Process

The installation process involves accessing the hosting account of the client. We need the account information. We assure you that the system is entirely safe and secure. There is no threat to the password or other sensitive information.

We use your server to generate the Private Key and CSR if required. The SSL Certificate is reissued so that it can be installed on your server.

If you wish, we can offer premium installation service to secure your web server and website. Also, we can provide custom installations based on your request and agreement.

For premium installation, there are a few prerequisites that our technical team will discuss and understand while processing your request.

If not feasible, then you will be suggested to have standard installation. Our commitment is to process every order within 24 hours of accepting the request. In exceptional conditions, the process may take a little longer. We will inform you timely.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What does our product offer to you? It is a reliable, competitively priced, high-quality service. We assure a refund guarantee with zero risks on our SSL Certificate product.

If you have a single website

Secure a single domain to keep the visitor data protected
Improve your Google search engine

If you have multiple websites

You can secure up to 100 domains, subdomains, and IP Addresses
Use the same certificate across all websites

If you have numerous subdomains

You can secure as many subdomains as you want
All work in the single domain

SSL Certificate Services in Bangalore

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